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Introducing Zebra The World's First Human AI Twin

The World's First Secure, Private, and the Most Powerful Version of Enterprise AI

A fully managed hybrid platform that spans
across the entire enterprise data and AI lifecycle​

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Your Enterprise Human AI Twin
A Generative AI advantage tailored just for you: It's like having someone that understands your roles and responsibilities and gives you insights that matter to you. Experience a responsible, compliant, role-based LLM advantage throughout your enterprise, even on an air-gapped network.
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Integrate Ai

First in the World Generative Ai powered Data Integration
Specialises in systems integration and interoperability solutions, with a focus on knitting disparate databases, IOT systems, and productivity apps together, with automatic scheme mapping and validation so each component works together harmoniously, producing insights in real-time and delivering a capability greater than just the sum of its elements.
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The Most Accurate Document Processing solution for Workflows
Simplifies your document data capture e.g, AP Invoices and validation efforts with a managed invoice lifecycle solution. Reduces manual document processing, setup costs, and accelerates deployment. Ensures a high level of accuracy with Human-in-the-Loop (HIL) reviews. Use your document invoice data to gain new insights and meet expectations. Use Zebra  AI to easily extract data, search, and summarize invoices.
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Cyber AI

Unmask Anomalies, and Defy Fraud with AI Insights
Cyber AI acts as an interconnected, multi layered, dynamic, and value-laden "web of knowledge", driving intelligent decision-making in various enterprise domains. Detect and counteract fraud and anomalies at machine-speed with natural language processing. Cyber AI provides comprehensive dashboards and SQL queries, tapping into your entire database for holistic and actionable insights.
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What Makes Turium Solution Powerful?

Enterprise AI
for Everyone

One Platform for All

Data, IT, Finance, Risk, and Executive teams can work together on one platform to deliver the full power of enterprise AI.​​​
Accelerate digital transformation​
Rapid Secure Deployment​​

Realize value quickly with a platform designed to deliver accelerated development with implementation and integration provided by us — up to 20 times faster than alternatives. The Turium Enterprise AI Platform offers extreme reusability, unmatched scalability and full-scale security and compliance with Australian Federal Government initiatives.​
Designed for the
modern enterprise​
Open and Interoperable​

An open, interoperable architecture allows the Turium Enterprise AI Platform to integrate natively with existing data and AI investments.​​​

Turium AI
Success Stories​


Financial Services

Next Generation Financial
Crime Solution

Federal Government

Confidently connecting, protecting and growing our nation's critical assets across the entire ecosystem


World-class platform available for early and growth-stage visionary companies

Health Natural
& Life Sciences

Driving data into insights for the next hypothesis, fast


Turium bring Deep Learning to Numerical Weather Prediction

& Utilities

Build competitive Software advantage during a turbulent time

The Future of Your
AI Starts Now

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See what industry-leading Enterprise AI capabilities can do for you.

Demand more from
your AI

See what industry-leading Enterprise AI capabilities can do for you.

Research at Turium AI

Brain-Modelled Platforms
of Tomorrow, Operational Now

The human brain's ability to synthesize dynamic, multidimensional information about our surroundings and translate this into nuanced, context-dependent behaviors is an intricate marvel that sets the standard for intelligence.

Turium's technology are the virtual twins of distributed neurons in the brain, linking historically siloed, disconnected systems to power smarter, more informed operations. By simulating the biological neural networks (BNNs) found in living brains, we've developed Turium Neural Networks (TNNs), which embody advanced learning models capable of emulating different cognitive abilities.
The unique architecture and learning capabilities of our products result in an unprecedented level of speed, interoperability, and security for AI and automation applications. This advances us closer to the ultimate goal of AGI — creating systems capable of autonomously learning from their environment and transferring that learning to novel situations. This bidirectional interchange paves the way for transformative advancements in data-driven sectors, moving us a step closer to truly intelligent systems.

Careers at Turium AI

Join us in building the future of AGI

Developing proven Enterprise Artificial General Intelligence solutions for the industry is an interdisciplinary challenge. We are looking to hire a wide range of people with diverse engineering, scientific, and operations expertise.


The World’s Leading and
Largest Enterprises Trust TURIUM

Turium provides over 20+ turnkey Enterprise AI applications that meet the business-critical needs of enterprises in retail, manufacturing, financial services, government, utilities, oil and gas, agribusiness, defense and intelligence, and more.

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See what industry-leading Enterprise AI capabilities can do for you.